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LS-VL Only half of a backup process?
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Author:  psaxelby [ Sat Oct 19, 2013 12:19 am ]
Post subject:  LS-VL Only half of a backup process?

Hi all,

Now I have my Linkstation back I have another question to ask if I may.

Ages ago I bought a 2TB USB Buffalo drive for the Linkstation to back up to - Which it has done faithfully, no problems at all.

What I really don't understand is - Where's the 'Restore' part of the backup process?
The only way I've found to get the files back on to the Linkstation is to copy them over the network via a PC.
There must be someway of telling the Linkstation that you want to restore files that it backed up, I just can't figure out where it is...
I mean, surely... There must be..?

While I'm here, & on the same topic, can anyone please tell me what the 'Complete' backup option does?
As far as I can tell it does nothing. Is it doing some sort of deeper copy?

To me, logically, if you tick that option it should backup everything on the drive to the backup location, removing the need to specify every folder one by one.

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