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TS-RIXL not allowing new volumes?
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Author:  Ovlovman [ Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:29 pm ]
Post subject:  TS-RIXL not allowing new volumes?

Morning all,

Merry Xmas, best wishes for 2018.

I have a TS-RIXL (8tb RAW) which has behaved faultlessly for over 2 years, apart from a couple of disk replacements. This has functioned as the iSCSI backend for a 6 node XenServer (6.5) farm, running a number of guests with both Windows and Linux OS. About 6 weeks ago we had a major power outage which also drained the 5KV UPS, and everything powered off - unfortunately not in a controlled manner (no one had noticed the management card on the UPS was disconnected from the LAN)... my lesson to learn!

Anyway, the main volume which carried a number of the guest images corrupted, and after several weeks of trying to recover them we've given up (we had the data on backup, except for 2 development Linux boxes). So, this week, I've deleted the iSCSI volume vmstore, expecting to release 4tb of array and then rebuild it.

I've taken the TS offline, and no servers are connected. I've removed the array and also ran a RAID scan to ensure all is good. Come in today (Saturday) and everything seems ok, except the [Create Volume+] button is still greyed out, and I cannot recreate a new volume. I've rebooted the array.

I've also plugged a laptop into my iSCSI (dedicated) network and attempted to use ACP Commander, but it will not detect the TS. So I cannot get to SSH onto the box.

F.W is 1.66
1.6tb is currently used across 3 live volumes, meaning 4.4tb should still be accessible.

Has anyone else met this issue (I am presuming so), and how is it resolved? I'm presuming the deletion of the 4tb volume has not been reset on the drive table somewhere, and it is still assuming the array is full.

TIA for any assistance.


Author:  Ovlovman [ Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TS-RIXL not allowing new volumes?

:( Nobody? :(

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