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LS-QL cannot be found by LSupdater
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Author:  MPech [ Mon May 14, 2018 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  LS-QL cannot be found by LSupdater


i have done multiple reanimations of Linkstations (WXL and QVL) but i miserably fail on the QL.

i bought this tiny mess w/o drives and threw a 500GB Samsung into Bay 1 (2-4 are empty). i also tried a 6tb WeDi red with 512e sector emulation, but this Baby can only wear panties up to 2TB with real 512k sectors .. thats, what the Internet says. ^^

XPprof PC has three NICs. NIC1 regular Network X.X.0.X and NIC2 is set to, NIC3 not in use. MS-Firewall is disabled. LS-QL is started, function-button is pressed until solid or blinking blue led. (both dont help). old router is connected to the NIC2 (IP, with DHCP

i found an old tftp in a FW1.11 for a ghl(?) that was able to transmit the two files but LSupdater cannot find that damn Thing. if i use fw1.11 for LS-QL the Transmission of "initrd.buffalo ...Timeout" is presented. and the LSupdater cannot find it of course. The LS-QL connects also on the right IP 150 to the tftp.

i have been altering the ini multiple times :

VersionCheck = 0
NoFormatting = 0

Debug = 1

so i would like to know, what my error / mistake is?! What's the right tftp and where can i find a non-broken FW1.11 or older?

Thx a lot, MPech

Author:  oxygen8 [ Mon May 14, 2018 6:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LS-QL cannot be found by LSupdater

http://buffalo.jp/support_ap/support/pr ... ls_ql.html

http://download.discountnetz.com/tftp-b ... 201.04.exe

my succesfull try with only one nic
http://forum.nas-hilfe.de/buffalo-techn ... t1873.html

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