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Trying to learn about Trashbox function
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Author:  TheCardMan [ Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Trying to learn about Trashbox function

I have a Linkstation (LS-WTGL0C9?) on my network and I see 2 folders in it that say TRASHBOX and another that says trashbox (One is in all capitols and the other all lowercase). There are files in both folders and they are a mix of older and recent files. The folks in the office are saying their files in the normal folders all of a sudden become missing and I find some in these folders and some still missing. They say they are not deleting anything, and I am assuming they are clicking away doing something to cause this.

This unit is used as a network file share, a central location where all files are kept. Each workstation in the office goes to it to work on files, add files and archives files.

My questions are:

What is the purpose of the trashbox?
Is it automatic?
If someone opens a file that is in a folder on the Linkstation and deletes it, where does it go? (Local Recycle Bin of PC accessing it or the Linkstation Trashbox?)
If they drag and drop files to other folders on the linkststion, does that cause any file to go to the trashbox?
Why do I have 2 trashbox folders? (One in CAPS and one in lower case)
Need to find their missing files......

Thanks for any help that could be provided.

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