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Author:  IanBall [ Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:23 pm ]
Post subject:  HD-H250LAN, LS1


I have a HD-H250LAN, LS1 (with crossover switch) had it from new, with no mods and original hard drive.

Sometime over the weekend (I was away at the time!), it dropped off the network. Having returned home I find the Diag LED is flashing, with no other LED on.

I have removed the hard drive and retrieved all the files on it, so the hard drive works.

Whilst it's in pieces on the work bench, I reattached the hard drive and switched it on and the green power LED comes on and then goes off and the red Diag LED starts to flash. I hope I've counted
correctly it's six times. After some head scratching and using my ears, I noticed the hard drive is not spinning up. I've already established it works, so I've attached a separate power source to the
hard disk and switched on the box again. And, it works like it should.

On power cord from the mother board to the hard drive, the 5v reads 5.3v and the 12v reads 10.5v.

On the power cord from the power circuit board the 5v (red wire) reads 5.2v and the 12v (orange wire) reads 11.7v

I've tried another hard disk on the box's hard drive power cable and it doesn't spin-up.

Now whilst it's still in pieces, I'm not sure what to do next.

Thanks very much,

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