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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:10 pm 
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I did nothing obviously wrong, but lost the lot.. in this case family videos and pics - lots of them.

I have a big investment in Buffalo storage, with two Terrastation IIIs presenting ~6TB of storage each.

They are both configured as RAID5 arrays and both running fw 1.59.

The first is my primary storage array (HS1), which I use every day. The second (HS2) is only for backups of the primary. I have a daily backup and a monthly backup.

Every day I would get backup completion emails and every so often, I would check the second array to see if the backups looked healthy.

All was well for months/years, until...

- I had a disk fail in the primary array (HS1). Not a major problem, it continued in degraded mode and I had a spare disk ready for such an event.

- With hindsight, may be not such a good idea, but I decided to hot-swap the failed disk

- As soon as I inserted the new disk, a second disk failed, so HS1 was toast. May be I should have shutdown the array, but just left it running with two failed disks

- I had the backup array (HS2) and gave it a quick check... all is well - the daily and monthly backups were there and safe

- The next morning, I decided to take a copy of HS2 (just in case)... but found that the daily back folder was empty, not a single file in the _backup1 folder!

- The monthly backup folder was fine so started to copy some of the data to a safe place

- A week passed before I got back to copying data, only to find the monthly folder was now also empty (like the daily folder)

- So not my $x,000 home storage solution had completely failed me - all data gone

- It then occurred to me, that the vanishing backup data coincided with the daily and monthly backup jobs, which were still running on HS1 - could they be overwriting my backup folders with "nothing" (could this have happened?)

Both daily and monthly backup jobs were set to "Overwrite backup (Append Backup)", which was a mistake I think :-(

The trashbox is empty on the backup array.

Have a really lost everything?

I am certain that the backup jobs on HS1 (with the failed array) were the cause of the loss of backup data - which i'm kind of angry about (Buffalo?) :x

With hindsight, I guess I made a few mistakes as well.

Where do I go from here? Suggestions welcome?


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