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PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 3:01 pm 
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I have a Linkstation live - HS-DH1000GL v2 running stock firmware 2.11.

I would like to have the changes I have made in the proftpd.conf file to remain after a re-boot. I have tried all of the suggestions in this forum. I have tried modifying the nas_configgen file but on a reboot- this file gets overwritten. I have tried modifing the /ect/init.d/ftpd.sh file but that also gets overwritten on reboot.

Is there something I am missing?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 5:02 pm 
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I really need to know the answer to this aswell, if anyone can help?

(sorry, I know it's an old thread)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 3:36 pm 
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Finally been successful at this. Surprisingly simple. NOTE: This is on a Linkstation Live V2 (LS-CHL). Everything you do is totally at your own risk. The idea behind it simply to change the script which replaces your proftpd.conf on reboot to no longer do so.

WARNING: if you do this, any changes to ftp configuration in the web interface will no longer have an effect. I.E. you're gonna have to manage the whole thing from the console from now on.

So, here's what I did:

Step 1:
- Go to /etc/init.d/
- "cp ftpd.sh newftpd.sh"
- this makes a copy of ftpd.sh that WON'T be replaced automatically on reboot, which is what we want.

Step 2:
- "vi newftpd.sh"
- delete line 17 where it says "/usr/local/sbin/nas_configgen -c proftpd"
- this removes the code which automatically reverts your proftpd.conf
- it has to be done in a totally different script as ftpd.sh is also replaced on reboot.
- save changes and exit newftpd.sh

Step 3:
- "cp rcS oldrcS" (taking a backup, just in case)

Step 4:
- "vi rcS"
- go to line 90
- see where it says "ftpd.sh"? replace that that with newftpd.sh
- this tells it to load your new, edited ftpd initializer script, which no longer replaces proftpd.conf
- save changes and exit rcS

Step 5:
- edit /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf
- your changes will no longer be reverted on reboot.

I hope this helps!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:59 pm 
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After the work you've been doing on your LS Live maybe you could answer my question!

What exactly is the function of the "rcS" file?

Basically,while installing Twonky on my LS Live I edited rcS so that Telnet access would always be active on startup. The next time i did a reboot the unit would not boot up and after about 4 minutes the error LED started indicating a fan fault!

I got access to the hard disk via a Linux PC and reverted back to the old rcS file but still the fan fault.

I'm wondering if the fan fault just happened to appear about the same time as I changed rcS or if changing rcS has produced the fan fault!


PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:20 am 
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The rcS file is a central location for startup commands and other startup scripts.

Are you sure that the file is actually being run on startup? Has your reverted version got the correct permissions set to it? Mine is owned by root/root and has permissions set to 755 (rwx, r-x, r-x). Maybe wrong permissions were what stopped your modified version from running in the first place.

Try telnetting into the box (as root) and running the script manually - there are functions in there that could be causing your symptoms if they aren't running (hwclock, maybe?), although it could just be a coincidence if everything else seems OK. See if it runs and if you get any errors reported from it.


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