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FTP Ports for NAT
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Author:  FunnyRico [ Wed Apr 20, 2016 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  FTP Ports for NAT

I have read a lot of your posts regarding ports but I feel either some information is missing or I am missing something, haha.

Basic Info...

NAS Model: LS-WXL/R1

I am forwarding a dedicated public IP to my NAS and I want to limit the incoming traffic to just FTP uses. Normally I would just PAT the required ports, but that information escapes me. So I have resulted to just using a whole public IP for this one device.

When I have my Firewall Rules set to only allow port TCP/21 (FTP) and port TCP/990 (FTPS) I can not connect using passive mode on Filezilla.

When I allow all ports to the NAS (open firewall) then it will work.

As far as I can tell from the other posts... passive mode uses not only port 21 and 990, but a range of other ports as well.

I would love to know at least one of the following:

- Can we limit which range the NAS uses for passive mode so I can tighten up my firewall rules?


- Can you let me know which ports the NAS uses so I can tighten up my firewall rules? hahaha

Either way, I would like to not have to open all ports just to access this thing from the public side.

(Fun Fact: This FTP function will be used with multiple people from different locations. It's not just for personal use.)

I really tried to read up on this before posting so I apologize if this question has been sufficiently answered elsewhere.

Thank you all for your time; and thanks in advance for your assistance.

- Rico

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