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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 12:42 am 
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i've downloaded loader_mips.20060610.tar.bz2 and "the kernel
image" from http://www5.atwiki.jp/kuro-bsd/pages/132.html.

I copied the kernel image zImage.bin and loader.o from the
archive to /root on my Linkstation 2 with FreeLink flashed
and working. Trying "insmod loader.o" from that directory
lead to the following (I was "ping"ing the Linkstation 2
while trying it):

(1) The Linkstation 2 looses all network connections.
(2) After a while the ping comes back, no other network
connections (ssh, telnet) seem to be possible.
(3) After a very short time (~15 seconds) the Linkstation 2
looses all network connections, again, and gets switched

That the linkstation was ping-able at step (2) told me, that
my /etc/network/interfaces must have been read, because I set
a special IP address there, that's not the default and not available
through DHCP. If the linkstation responds to this IP all the
same, it can only get it from /etc/network/interface.

That not other connections are possible in (2) is OK, since we only
have 15 seconds. SSH takes a bit more to become ready.

So this left me here: The kernel got loaded and it mounted
the right partition, but the linkstation got switched off immediately.

OK, I'd heard about a watchdog and changed /etc/rc2.d/ such that
avr_evtd was the first program called. This somehow worked:
Now I can log in after an "insmod loader.o", but about a minute
later the linkstation goes down for halt, even though ps shows
me that avr_evtd is running. Neither dmsg nor syslog show anything
that could explain this to me.

Do you have any idea, what I could do?

FWIW: What I really want to achieve is to get a kernel working that
supports laptop mode. But I think, this has to work before going
the next step...

Cheers, jnf

PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 9:44 am 
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Hi jnf,

On my experence, "insmod loader.o" should issue before starting mc_ctld/avr_evtd.
I use a boot-selector (that I made) to solve it.

NetBSD/LinkStation works well :-)

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