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PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:06 pm 

Joined: Thu Dec 13, 2007 2:31 pm
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I have met the same problem mentioned in the other u-boot topic, just wonder do we have any solution to this? Or any updated u-boot image? ( I did upgrade from the LNI's u-boot, and the printout for the memory mentioned is below.

=> md 0xb8050008 1
md 0xb8050008 1
b8050008: 00003ff7 .?..

PostPosted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 9:49 pm 
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Hi ramp

Is it the problem I saw with shihsungs uboot?

I can't quite remember, but I think it stopped rebooting after I followed his manual instructions to flash it (did you run upgrade from LNI's?)

Looking back (pages 4,5), I had to compile ncb from U-boot following shihsungs procedure too. Not that that helps apart from to connect to it.

Hope that helps

PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 3:53 am 

Joined: Thu Dec 13, 2007 2:31 pm
Posts: 21
Yes it is the same problem you met. I guess your healing is to clear the data part of the uboot, but I believe it should not be necessary, there must be something wrong in the uboot to read some unused bit in the data area. ( the NC work fine with me, I am using a windows porting of the NC)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 3:19 pm 

Joined: Thu Dec 13, 2007 2:31 pm
Posts: 21
Here I have the chance to dump the BFC30000 data:

md bfc30000 200
bfc30000: e650b6f9 746f6f62 3d646d63 206e7572 ..P.bootcmd=run
bfc30010: 746f6f62 31646d63 73666e00 746f6f62 bootcmd1.nfsboot
bfc30020: 6e75723d 73666e20 64616f6c 73666e20 =run nfsload nfs
bfc30030: 73677261 6f6f623b 62006d74 64746f6f args;bootm.bootd
bfc30040: 79616c65 0030313d 64756162 65746172 elay=10.baudrate
bfc30050: 3637353d 61003030 6c6f7475 3d64616f =57600.autoload=
bfc30060: 73006f6e 6e696474 00636e3d 6f647473 no.stdin=nc.stdo
bfc30070: 6e3d7475 74730063 72726564 00636e3d ut=nc.stderr=nc.
bfc30080: 6d74656e 3d6b7361 2e353532 2e353532 netmask=255.255.
bfc30090: 2e353532 656e0030 74657274 6e3d7972 255.0.netretry=n
bfc300a0: 636e006f 7465733d 20766e65 69647473 o.nc=setenv stdi
bfc300b0: 636e206e 7465733b 20766e65 6f647473 n nc;setenv stdo
bfc300c0: 6e207475 65733b63 766e6574 64747320 ut nc;setenv std
bfc300d0: 20727265 7300636e 733d7265 6e657465 err nc.ser=seten
bfc300e0: 74732076 206e6964 69726573 733b6c61 v stdin serial;s
bfc300f0: 6e657465 74732076 74756f64 72657320 etenv stdout ser
bfc30100: 3b6c6169 65746573 7320766e 72656474 ial;setenv stder
bfc30110: 65732072 6c616972 61646c00 3d726464 r serial.ldaddr=
bfc30120: 30303238 30303030 61756700 3d726464 82000000.guaddr=
bfc30130: 30303138 30303030 70646800 3d747261 81000000.hdpart=
bfc30140: 00313a30 69666468 623d656c 2f746f6f 0:1.hdfile=boot/
bfc30150: 696c6d76 007a756e 6f6c6468 653d6461 vmlinuz.hdload=e
bfc30160: 206f6863 64616f4c 20676e69 64687b24 cho Loading ${hd
bfc30170: 74726170 7b243a7d 69666468 3b7d656c part}:${hdfile};
bfc30180: 32747865 64616f6c 65646920 687b2420 ext2load ide ${h
bfc30190: 72617064 24207d74 61646c7b 7d726464 dpart} ${ldaddr}
bfc301a0: 687b2420 6c696664 65007d65 6f6f626d ${hdfile}.emboo
bfc301b0: 65733d74 766e6574 6f6f6220 67726174 t=setenv bootarg
bfc301c0: 6f722073 2f3d746f 2f766564 306d6172 s root=/dev/ram0
bfc301d0: 6f6f623b 62206d74 30346366 00303030 ;bootm bfc40000.
bfc301e0: 746f6f72 68746170 706f2f3d 666e2f74 rootpath=/opt/nf
bfc301f0: 6f6f7273 696d2f74 6c657370 73666e00 sroot/mipsel.nfs
bfc30200: 73677261 7465733d 20766e65 746f6f62 args=setenv boot
bfc30210: 73677261 6f6f7220 642f3d74 6e2f7665 args root=/dev/n
bfc30220: 72207366 666e2077 6f6f7273 7b243d74 fs rw nfsroot=${
bfc30230: 76726573 70697265 7b243a7d 746f6f72 serverip}:${root
bfc30240: 68746170 7069207d 697b243d 64646170 path} ip=${ipadd
bfc30250: 243a7d72 7265737b 69726576 243a7d70 r}:${serverip}:$
bfc30260: 7461677b 79617765 3a7d7069 656e7b24 {gatewayip}:${ne
bfc30270: 73616d74 243a7d6b 736f687b 6d616e74 tmask}:${hostnam
bfc30280: 3a3a7d65 0066666f 6673666e 3d656c69 e}::off.nfsfile=
bfc30290: 696c6d76 007a756e 6c73666e 3d64616f vmlinuz.nfsload=
bfc302a0: 2073666e 646c7b24 72646461 7b24207d nfs ${ldaddr} ${
bfc302b0: 76726573 70697265 7b243a7d 746f6f72 serverip}:${root
bfc302c0: 68746170 7b242f7d 6673666e 7d656c69 path}/${nfsfile}
bfc302d0: 6f6f6200 74657274 333d7972 6f620030 .bootretry=30.bo
bfc302e0: 6d63746f 723d3164 68206e75 6f6f6264 otcmd1=run hdboo
bfc302f0: 75723b74 6c66206e 746f6f62 6f6f6200 t;run flboot.boo
bfc30300: 646d6374 75723d32 6c66206e 746f6f62 tcmd2=run flboot
bfc30310: 6f6f6200 646d6374 75723d33 6d65206e .bootcmd3=run em
bfc30320: 746f6f62 6c627500 3d64616f 6f686365 boot.ubload=echo
bfc30330: 616f4c20 676e6964 757b2420 72617062 Loading ${ubpar
bfc30340: 243a7d74 6662757b 7d656c69 7478653b t}:${ubfile};ext
bfc30350: 616f6c32 64692064 7b242065 61706275 2load ide ${ubpa
bfc30360: 207d7472 646c7b24 72646461 7b24207d rt} ${ldaddr} ${
bfc30370: 69666275 007d656c 61736275 3d726464 ubfile}.ubsaddr=
bfc30380: 30636662 30303030 65627500 72646461 bfc00000.ubeaddr
bfc30390: 6366623d 66666632 62750066 73616c66 =bfc2ffff.ubflas
bfc303a0: 72703d68 6365746f 666f2074 7b242066 h=protect off ${
bfc303b0: 61736275 7d726464 757b2420 64616562 ubsaddr} ${ubead
bfc303c0: 3b7d7264 20617265 62757b24 64646173 dr};era ${ubsadd
bfc303d0: 24207d72 6562757b 72646461 70633b7d r} ${ubeaddr};cp
bfc303e0: 2420622e 61646c7b 7d726464 757b2420 .b ${ldaddr} ${u
bfc303f0: 64617362 207d7264 69667b24 6973656c bsaddr} ${filesi
bfc30400: 3b7d657a 2e706d63 7b242062 6461646c ze};cmp.b ${ldad
bfc30410: 207d7264 62757b24 64646173 24207d72 dr} ${ubsaddr} $
bfc30420: 6c69667b 7a697365 75007d65 61726770 {filesize}.upgra
bfc30430: 723d6564 75206e75 616f6c62 62752064 de=run ubload ub
bfc30440: 73616c66 74650068 74636168 3363723d flash.ethact=rc3
bfc30450: 34333432 6874655f 61706900 3d726464 2434_eth.ipaddr=
bfc30460: 2e323931 2e383631 35322e30 65730032
bfc30470: 72657672 313d7069 312e3239 302e3836 rverip=192.168.0
bfc30480: 0038352e 7069636e 3239313d 3836312e .58.ncip=192.168
bfc30490: 352e302e 64680038 746f6f62 6e75723d .0.58.hdboot=run
bfc304a0: 6c646820 2064616f 746f6f62 6200796d hdload bootmy.b
bfc304b0: 6d746f6f 6f623d79 206d746f 30303238 ootmy=bootm 8200
bfc304c0: 30303030 6f6f6200 3d646874 65746573 0000.boothd=sete
bfc304d0: 6220766e 61746f6f 20736772 746f6f72 nv bootargs root
bfc304e0: 65642f3d 64732f76 623b3161 6d746f6f =/dev/sda1;bootm
bfc304f0: 30323820 30303030 62750030 74726170 82000000.ubpart
bfc30500: 313a303d 66627500 3d656c69 72616873 =0:1.ubfile=shar
bfc30510: 2d752f65 746f6f62 622d752f 2d746f6f e/u-boot/u-boot-
bfc30520: 6d2d3276 2e737069 73616c66 69622e68 v2-mips.flash.bi
bfc30530: 6966006e 6973656c 333d657a 32373833 n.filesize=33872
bfc30540: 6c660044 746f6f62 7465733d 20766e65 D.flboot=setenv
bfc30550: 746f6f62 73677261 6f6f7220 642f3d74 bootargs root=/d
bfc30560: 682f7665 3b316164 746f6f62 6662206d ev/hda1;bootm bf
bfc30570: 30303463 74003030 746f6f62 7466743d c40000.tboot=tft
bfc30580: 6f6f6270 32382074 30303030 66203030 pboot 82000000 f
bfc30590: 616e6f6f 65733b73 766e6574 6f6f6220 oonas;setenv boo
bfc305a0: 67726174 656e2073 6e6f6374 656c6f73 targs netconsole
bfc305b0: 3636363d 39314036 36312e32 2e302e38 =6666@192.168.0.
bfc305c0: 2c2f3737 32393140 3836312e 352e302e 77/,@
bfc305d0: 72202f38 3d746f6f 7665642f 6d61722f 8/ root=/dev/ram
bfc305e0: 77722030 6f6f623b 38206d74 30303032 0 rw;bootm 82000
bfc305f0: 00303030 746f6f62 73677261 6f6f723d 000.bootargs=roo
bfc30600: 642f3d74 732f7665 20316164 6e207772 t=/dev/sda1 rw n
bfc30610: 6f637465 6c6f736e 36363d65 31403636 etconsole=6666@1
bfc30620: 312e3239 302e3836 3235322e 31402c2f,@1
bfc30630: 312e3239 302e3836 2f38352e 00000000

For the rest are all zeroes. The only meaningful part is the first 4 bytes, can Shihsung do some investigation on that?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:35 am 

Joined: Sun Aug 05, 2007 4:15 am
Posts: 36
Ah, I see the problem! To workaround just do "setenv silent 1; saveenv". BTW, the first 4-bytes is just the checksum of the environment settings.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:23 am 

Joined: Sun Aug 05, 2007 4:15 am
Posts: 36
I have fixed the problem and updated the U-Boot image http://sites.google.com/site/shihsung/l ... ects=0&d=1. There is also a new version based on u-boot-2009.11 http://sites.google.com/site/shihsung/r ... oc/hd-hlan. You can also find the new kernel image based on linux- there.

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