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PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:25 pm 
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Older status reports:
Status of Development - 21.11.06
Status of Development - 11.1.07
Status of Development - 22.2.07
Status of Development - 11.4.07
its been a while since the last development report....so here it is!

General Community Organisation

1) Because of the nice amount of donations in the Donation_Drive_2007 we were really able to buy the new server which is now installed at osuosl.org. Thanks to all donaters again!
2) We had to choose a more generic domain name as we wanted to merge linkstation.net / terastation.org / kurobox.com under one single hat. So we chose nas-central.org. Se the history of linkstationwiki.net here again.
3) You might have noticed that we already started to port the terastation.org pages over. All pages are already moved over and got added to several categories (notice the three new categories Category:TerastationProV1, Category:TerastationProV2 and Category:TerastationLive. They do not have all the relevant articles added, but all unclassified articles (which need a rewrite) can at least be found at Category:Terastation.
4) The kurobox.com-wiki pages also already where integrated into the wiki......and since yesterday even the kurobox.com-forum is hosted on the new server. http://kurobox.com/ itself has a problem because waite probably took the wiki down as well....this url should be forwarded to http://buffalo.nas-central.org/index.ph ... robox_Wiki
5) foonas.org was founded several months ago by NAiL...and timtimred joined him. Currently it looks like as if timtimred took over the project for now. quite much happened on the foonas front in the last months....but i will write that at the foonas-section at the end of this post. For now it is only important to know that foonas.org is also hosted on the new server in an additional XEN instance.....now actually nslu2-linux.org / nas-central.org / foonas.org have their own instance.
6) I started this 2 pages:
http://buffalo.nas-central.org/ALL_COMM ... ities.html
http://buffalo.nas-central.org/index.ph ... tion_guide

The community overview is already very complete, the "General_NAS_customisation" guide is quite in its initial stages.....something like this is just missing on the web and as we moved to the nas-central.org domain i thought it might be a good idea to start something like this.


Marvell now works on getting support for the orion 1 & orion 2 based boards in the vanilla kernel at kernel.org.
http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/g ... ;a=summary

They even try to add support for the kurobox pro directly, sylver & bbradley are helping them.

As micro_evtd was still dependant on a kernel component to deal with the watchdog/leds/fan, lb_worm recoded it so it is totally running in userspace...which means a vanilla kernel directly compiled without patches might be possible now.

The first LS Lives where based on the same hardware as the LS Pro....then they produced the Kurobox Pro and the changed the LS pro and the LS Live board design as well.....its very similar to the kurobox pro board....the 256 MB NAND flash chip is missing and the daughterboard is different (as the kurobox pro features a second sata connector and some other things there).

Long story short: http://buffalo.nas-central.org/index.ph ... ifferences

I added some howto`s btw:
Setting up the codesourcery toolchain for X86 to ARM9 cross compiling

here is a video describing the 2 different boot modes of the LS Pro:
i am quite sure it is similar on all other arm9 boxes..

i hope they all help you a little to disassemble your box and revive it from scratch in case you get your arm9 box unbootable.

The kernel-support for the LS1/HG/HS/Kurobox/KuroboxHG went into the mainstream kernel at kernel.org.....but with the restriction that you have to use the UBoot Bootloader. Thx to andre there is still the possibility to boot the kernel via loader.o. If you go to his homepage you`ll notice that he just released the kernel....and now he is using the "universal kernel" which Sylver is working on....the sourcecode is hosted at our developer zone at sourceforge.

Here are some new howto`s:

several more articles were written, checkout the articles in the wiki.

and last but not least - an updated Gentoo image is available.

MIPSel - LS2
You might have noticed that LNI ported UBoot & a 2.6.22 kernel to the LS2 in the forums, but strangely this was not announced in the news? why? well, it seems that there are 2 different hardware revisions of the LS2 available, both having a different flash chip. One has the STMICRO M29W324DB, the other has the Macronix MX29LV320T. So far it worked without big problems on all boxes with Macronix flash chip, only the STMICRO chips had an install problem. As both flash chips need support in "debrick" so they can be unbricked via JTAG, LNI wants to release a debrick-tarball which is able to detect and flash both flash chips. this is still not done, but you can expect it. Also there are some good suspicions what the installation problem is (2 bank flash chip instead of one).


Foonas had much progress in the last months. It more and more seems to materialize.
Here are some screenshots which i posted a while ago again:

Screenshots v794:
http://buffalo.nas-central.org/download ... shots.html

Screenshots v942:
http://buffalo.nas-central.org/download ... shots.html

foonas clearly is the future....it more or less is targeted to be the reference embedded NAS OS.

checkout the following pages for more information:


Supported devices for foonas:

Supported devices for foonas-em:

Subversion timeline:

I am sure i have forgotten many things but this were all the most important things that came to my mind when writing this. if i forgot something very important then tell me here in this thread so i can update this sticky posting :D

LS1 (2.6 kernel, foonas svn1062, 750 GB, UBoot 1.2) & LS Pro (FreeLink/jtymod/GenLink, changes all the time)
Thx to all donators!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 1:09 pm 

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Nice description of the situation mindbender !
Thanks for your work ;)

Kurobox Pro 500GB (for dev) / Freelink / 2.6.26-rc4 kernel, QNAP TS-409 Pro 1TB, Maxtor Shared Storage II 500GB

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2008 8:57 pm 
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How about a status update? It's been a long time since the last one.
It would be nice to know, what's new and what's in the pipe. :)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 9:12 am 
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phew.....you are right. writing such a post usually takes about 2 hours :)

LS1 (2.6 kernel, foonas svn1062, 750 GB, UBoot 1.2) & LS Pro (FreeLink/jtymod/GenLink, changes all the time)
Thx to all donators!

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